The Painting

This painting of the Throne of God, complete with the archetypes of the Lamb, the Four Beasts and the Elders, is a representation of a remarkable understanding of our Ascension. The enigmatic figure of the Christ, both androgynous and empowered, suggests that physical Enlightenment is available to “whosoever will” [Book of Revelation 22:17].

The Ascension Painting, a masterpiece of interpretation, style and multi-faceted spiritual influences, is destined to be greatly admired by those who recognize its ineffable and unique nature.

The Ascension PaintingAn original oil on canvas with gold leaf, The Ascension Painting, by the contemporary American artist Sheila Kern, is the only museum-quality oil painting to feature the alchemical qualities of 21st century technologies represented in the archetypes of the Lamb, the Four Beasts, the Elders and the figure of the Christ Itself. It is a visual representation of the idea of individuated enlightenment suggested by the word ‘ascension’.

Ms. Kern made this theme of the omnipresent nature of one’s own deity the central motif of the portrait: it is this percept which makes the work so beguiling. The background mise-en-scène also plays an interior role. The Tree of Life, prominently figured behind the throne, represents the transitional state from information as a basis of authority to knowing as the root of Power. The cognitive drama is generous enough in its dimensions to include many aspects within God’s throne room, including the crystal sea of glass. Impressive in its spatial coherence and atmospheric implications, the monumentality and the sheer equilibrium of the work imply a controlled majesty that is fitting for a Queen.